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Looking for a speaker for an upcoming workshop, lunch and learn, professional group, or other event?  I can help! 

I have spoken for a wide variety of businesses and organizations as a featured guest for their corporate wellness programs, have done lunch and learns for private groups such as rotary groups, have been the invited speaker for local youth sports groups to address the importance of eating well to perform well, and have done custom presentations for private recreational sports clubs with sport-specific advice on pre-season training and injury prevention.  I was also recently one of three highlighted speakers at a West Chamber of Commerce event in Jefferson County, Colorado.

My offering of health and wellness topics is designed to address the current issues facing busy professionals from all walks of life and the challenges encountered in trying to live healthfully in our modern era of ever-increasing demands on our time and attention. 

List of Offerings for Speaking Engagements

1. Eating Well While Traveling for Business. Learn how to identify better options on any menu you may be choosing from (yes, even fast food or airport food menus). NOTE: This presentation can be customized to look at the menu at any specific restaurant that participants indicate they visit often.

2. Best (& Worst) Choices for Breakfasts. Learn simple, healthy and affordable options to ensure that you eat a breakfast that will leave you feeling energized and focused for your day and your work at hand.

3. Which Exercises Will Help (& Which May Hurt) Your Weight Loss Goals. While exercise can help you reach your weight loss goals, did you know that not all exercise is created equal? Don’t waste your time, money, and frustrations working hard but not smart. Learn which exercises to choose, how to do them, and for how long to maximize your weight-loss efficiency.

4. How Food & Lifestyle Choices Effect Hormones (“Is That Why I’m Moody Today?”). Especially for women in the midst of significant hormonal changes in their lives, what you eat or drink and your levels of physical activity and sleep can trigger hormone responses. Find out how you can help your body reach a better hormonal balance, reduce your uncomfortable side effects, and get back to feeling like your normal self.

5. Nourish Your Way to A Life of Vitality.  Do you project an image of healthy vitality? What kind of energy do you bring to your professional projects and business endeavors each day? Are you seeking career advancement and looking for new ways to make the best impression of what you bring to the table? Learn how to implement these 10 lifestyle strategies to discover a new, energized you that will have you placing your best face and sharpest mind forward.

6. Your Choice.  Don't see the health and wellness topic that you and your group are most interested in?  Please share your topic with me.  I'll be happy to prepare a customized presentation for your group.

Each topic is available in 30-, 60- and 90-minute versions, depending on your time requirements or preferences. The 60-minute and 90-minute options incorporate more interactive components, and the 90-minute options can include cooking or exercise demonstrations with class participation.
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